We offer experiences, tours, culinary and otherwise that engender simple richness and affordable choices. For travelers, individuals, groups, etc. we have fun, fabulous foodie, history, cocktail and other tours in New Orleans, Louisiana!


While on your holiday, participate in cooking demonstrations, explore , discover and taste your way through NOLA in ways that are perfect for you or your vacation itinerary, and indulge in authentic tastings and eclectic restaurant dining.


All cooking demonstrations and food tours include the opportunity to taste both Creole and Cajun dishes.


Choose one of our prearranged tours and let our local, passionate and knowledgeable guides take you for a whirl or let us create an all inclusive gastronomical or New Orleans experience for you.



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Office Manager

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Chief Tasting Officer

Native New Orleanian! Love DK because it blends New Orleans traditions and so much of New Orleans through its experiences. My favorite New Orleans dish is Red Beans and Rice, and my favorite place is City Park to just relax. 



Behind The Scenes

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Culinary & History Storyteller

*I love being a DK tour guide because the people that come not only get our culture with the history that I’m able to give them ....they also get the cuisine & the cuisine gives them  the triple thread with the music.  

*I think the The best secret about New  Orleans is this fact that our hospitality is real. It’s our major commodity and what people enjoy the most. 

“My favorite dish in New Orleans is gumbo because I can’t get my mama’s gumbo no more.”

I am a New Orleans native & I love going to second lines & bc it’s a culmination of what we’ve been doing sine the 1730’, 1740’s and congregating in Congo Square.   Where we have been practicing a culture and  it becomes an economical event....Such as people vending in Congo Square since the 1730s until present day 2019... people are selling beer at the back of the truck, food off the back of the truck which is economic empowerment for the black community which only happens in New Orleans on Sundays. 



Culinary & History Storyteller

The people Of New Orleans have such a "joie de vivre," which I love. My favorite place in New Orleans is the Mississippi River Front. One of the best kept secrets about the city is the international influence on our cuisine, architecture and music. We're not just French! I love being a tour guide because it’s a great way to spend each day - sending people home with wonderful memories of our beautiful city.


Culinary & History Storyteller

I love being a tour guide because of the sheer joy I experience sharing our culinary history while debunking myths and generalizations about New Orleans. I retired from a career in sales and marketing and love travel, cooking, reading, and hiking. Quirky trait:
I play a mean game of table tennis!



Culinary & History Storyteller

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Culinary & History Storyteller

I love New Orleans because people celebrate life and live joyfully every day! I spent 5 years traveling the world performing in tours of musicals! I found that experiencing the people and food from each place was my very favorite thing. Now I teaches dance, voice, and theatre to kids of all ages, and get to enjoy meeting people from all places while giving tours of my favorite city on the planet, New Orleans!  



Culinary & History Storyteller (Guide Support)

Being a retired teacher, the transition from teacher to tour guide is a good fit.  My favorite thing about being a tour guide is learning about the rich beginnings of my city, passing that knowledge on to our visitors, and meeting and connecting with a variety of people. Being a part of the DK team has been a totally gratifying experience because of Julie’s leadership - always fair and generous. DK has also given me a renewed awareness of the historical origins of the restaurants, food and beverages of New Orleans.


Culinary & History Story Teller (Operations)

I worked as an outdoor educator and guide before landing in New Orleans. With a love of history, culture and people, I continue to usher and entertain guests around a place I love. The people make New Orleans! You can tell our locals are as happy to be here as guests are to visit. Quirky Trait: I love to pick up rocks and seashells and put them in jars - they are all over my house!

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I Dotter, T Crosser & Back of the House Support

I love New Orleans because it’s colorful and fun and there is truly no place like it. My favorite place in New Orleans is - oh this is a hard one. I guess if I had to pick on place it would be City Park. But, I love driving down St. Charles or walking around Magazine Street as well. My favorite neighborhood is the Lower Garden District. The best secret about New Orleans is the amount of raw talented people that live here. They are everywhere! My favorite New Orleans dish is BBQ Shrimp because they are bathed in beer, rosemary and butter and I can use bread to soak it all up. I love being a part of DK, because everyone on our team has a rather special love of life and it shows in our hospitality! 

*One quirky thing about you that no one may know……loves to put together Lego’s!



Culinary & History Storyteller

I love New Orleans with a passion. The food, the people and the music. I love New Orleans BBQ shrimp and grits, and the raw oysters. Doing food and cocktail tours is like theater "Show Time". When I am not doing tours, you can find me in my studio working on projects, playing Irish music on the Uilleann Pipes, or I might be on a movie set working as a background actor. 



Culinary & History Storyteller

I am a licensed professional tour guide with over half a decade of experience walking the routes. Born and raised in New Orleans, I  stand for  all things food, festival and fun!


Website Design

Hi, my name is Britton and I love creating websites! The staff here at Destination Kitchen is so wonderful to work with and are always very friendly. I had a blast creating this website for them. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns about the website, please feel free to contact us.