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Tour Guide Positions

Focus is on FQ Walking History tours, FQ Walking Food tours, and Garden District tours. We are looking for individuals with established experience in these various settings and who have a passion for excellence and professionalism with tour guests. Looking for a commitment of 4 to 6 tours per week as a minimum.

Tour Coordinator Positions

Focus is on coordinating all on the ground aspects of daily Destination Kitchen tours using a variety of applications including FareHarbor, Viator, and DK messaging platforms. Requires the ability to sync guests, tour guides, and vendors to ensure a successful and satisfying experience for DK tour guests. Looking for part-time work covering weekend hours, special events, and/or holidays.

Apply Now

Tour guides MUST have a current license issued by the City of New Orleans. 

Please submit your resume to the following email address:

Thanks for submitting!

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