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Yunk Drawer

Do you have a "Yunk" drawer? Is it a Southern "thang? Or, is it an American thing? Do you only have just one? Is it in the kitchen?

Have someone visiting at home and not from the South? .....And when looking for something, you tell them to look in the "Yunk" drawer? The funniest thing ever is when they look at you funny and have no clue what you're talking about. For many, it's a catch-all for any possible thing that will pins, paperclips, rubber bands, lucky beans, nail file, marbles, special shell, screwdriver, scissors, ribbon, fish hooks, tape, twist ties, the useless item that you will one day need. etc......Do you have one at home? How many do you have? We have two. And growing up we also had a "Yunk" ( dad had an accent). Often when I look in ours (junk drawer), it can be like stepping back in time, with silly trinkets that I just don't want to give away. Kind of just fun to see they are there, especially when they trigger a certain memory.


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